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Baton Rouge ,Louisiana racially motivated crimes person arrested Kenneth Gleason

Kenneth Gleason ,23 ,of Baton Rouge was arrested today September 19, 2017 and charged for the crimes of Bruce Cofield a black homeless man whom was residing on a bus stop bench as he would always do peacefully on a high traffic busy highway intersection at Florida Blvd . and Acadian thruway when Kenneth Gleason supposedly appeared and shot him several times from the vehicle and then got out and finish shooting him in a description of an execution style way.

Following this event a few days later, another crime happened miles away in the same city to another black male walking to work in the early morning am to a popular known cafe in the south Baton Rouge district in which he had dedicated many years of service to, Donald Smart was gunned down,and left in the street ,there are a host of other information pending to Kenneth Gleason on local news station sites and apps of Baton Rouge for further details .The city is praising law enforcement for the quick catching and removal of such criminal from their local community and areas.

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