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Crowne Plaza Hotel Probed By Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother’s Lawyer & Investigator

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A lawyer and investigator representing the mother of Kenneka Jenkins visited the Crowne Plaza hotel Tuesday, where the teen was partying hours before she was found dead in a walk in freezer. 

The fact an attorney was present with the investigator could mean that Jenkin’s mother is in the process of suing the hotel for negligence or foul play. At this time, no information has been put out to why the attorney and investigator were there. What is known is that Jenkins’ mother is blaming the hotel and police department for lack of urgency since the beginning of the case when Kenneka was first reported missing in the early hours of September 9th.

The Crowne Plaza has offered to pay for the funeral expenses of Kenneka and offered to allow Jenkins’ mother to view the many hours of surveillance video that they have, but Jenkins’ mother has not accepted any offer from the hotel.


The visit to the Crowne Plaza came a day after the Rosemont Police Department stated they would finish investigating the death of Kenneka without the help of the FBI, which came as a blow to Jenkins’ mother, who was counting on the FBI to get involved because of her distrust of the local Police Department.

Rosemont Police Department released surveillance video this past Friday of what APPEARED to be an intoxicated Kenneka roaming the hotel for a little over an hour before she allegedly let herself into a walk in freezer (still no surveillance of Kenneka walking into a freezer…). It took about 24 hours for hotel staff to locate Jenkins in the hotel freezer. Had hotel and authorities reacted faster, it is believed, by Jenkins’ mother,  Kenneka would still be alive.



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