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THIS Is How You Know Louis Farrakhan Is From God

THIS is How You Know Louis Farrakhan is from God “See He took Jesus from a manger and at 12 years of age. He confounded the scholars in Jerusalem. When I was 12 years up in doing the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I was in the Holy City of Mecca confounding the scholars of Islam with the Knowledge that my Teacher had given me. See when i’m there, they bow to me. Oh yes! Some of them drop down on their knees! And I grab them and pick them up. Some preachers do that as well, I refuse to accept that. When Reverend Jackson see me, he’ll go down on his knees. Stop it Reverend, Stop it! But why you doing that? Because I have withstood like no other Black Man has withstood. The slings and the arrows….That’s how you can tell I’m from God because my enemies are those in power in the government of the United States of America. That’s why they don’t want me to have this.” – Minister Louis Farrakhan

(Transcript by: Bro. Evan X)


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