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Vegan Protesters Attack Gucci Mane At Barnes N Nobles

Gucci Mane was recently attacked by Vegan protesters who heard Gucci was going Vegan, but was upset that he’s still wearing fur. It happened at a Barnes & Noble in NYC where Gucci was hosting a meet & greet and signing copies of his new autobiography book.

Gucci Mane was looking like…

All was normal when a man walked up to Gucci and said he heard Gucci went vegan, “Word on the street is that you is thinking about going vegan brother?” he said to Gucci while dapping him up at the beginning. “But you can’t be vegan if you keep wearing that fur,” the man yelled out, while another female came out behind him and the two whipped out some banners and started chanting “shame on Gucci, animal abuser/ shame on Gucci, animal abuser,” before they were quickly escorted out of the building by his security.

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