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White man defends Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

Is The Nation of Islam teaching truth or is there hate for the white race?

While there are many people who are against The Nation of Islam, there are whites who spread truth about us more than some Black people.

One white person in particular who refers to himself as “white as snow”, writes a letter to The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) requesting for The Nation of Islam to be removed from the list of hate groups.

“Do I feel hated or threatened by The Nation of Islam? Obviously not. In my own small way, I try to do what I can to enlighten my fellow Caucasians, as to the true nature of the NOI, so that they can too appreciate it as I do.”

-Woody Moore

Below is the letter written by Woody Moore.

Woody Moore Tweet Woody Moore Letter 1

Wood Moore Letter 2

As I reflect on this letter, I realize there’s more that I could do as a registered member of The Nation of Islam online to show my gratitude and to defend The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

While on the other hand it concerns me that some Black people talk as if Whites won’t be saved.

Ask yourself the following:

  • How have I been an example for The Nation of Islam?
  • How have I defended The Messenger, The Minister and overall Teachings?
  • How have I exemplified point number 2 of what the Muslims want?

2. We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all, regardless of creed or class or color.

As mentioned, there are Blacks fighting to defend The Nation. Here is the press release written by Sister Mary E. Muhammad:

Sister Mary E. Muhammad Letter

Now, whether you believe in The Teachings or not, ask yourself, how are we a hate group if we want equal justice for everyone?

“I want to know if you were born in America as I was. All your life you have been hated by white people and you are hated by them today. Here comes the truth of the white man making you know them today. Here comes the truth of the white man making you know that he cannot love – that he is the devil himself. 

Now you say, no, no, no, he is not the devil. God said he was. They say we teach that he is the blue-eyed devil. I did not make him.

They say that I am teaching you all to hate the devil. But when did they ever love our people? I will most certainly not teach you to love the devil. 

They are doing everything they possibly can, and I do not care if the entire white race hears me say this. They are doing everything they possibly can do to deceive the poor old Negro. 

We are happy, we the Muslims. We know we have a Savior. 

In 1877 a Savior was born – to go after that particular people that was lost and swallowed up by Israel seeking something that did not belong to Israel – not seeking any but His own particular people. 

A Savior is born, not to save the Jews but to save the poor Negro. 

I am here to teach the way back to truth, back to the author of Truth. 

A Savior has come to save you from sin, not because you are by nature a sinner but because you have followed a sinner. You have been taught by a sinner. 

I want to say to say to you again that this truth has come to you to separate you from the devil. I am taught by Almighty God, Allah, that he is going to destroy this world. You should try to get out of it, not integrate into it.”

-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Message To The Blackman in America, pages 236-237

If you want to hear from his student regarding his stance with white people, read Minister Louis Farrakhan Responds To If He Hates White People.

I think the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate group and instead SPLC stands for “Sinister People Lying Center”. The Nation of Islam has taught me to accept my own and be myself and it makes it easy to do when you have actual facts about the Black and White man. What do you think and why do you think The Southern Poverty Law is targeting The Nation of Islam, particularly with a focus on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

Join in on the hashtag #ReportHate to bring attention to the real racist and hate groups.

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