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Danger Lurks In Hospitals For Black Babies

Only a few hours old, and already subjected to racism. Two Black infants have been abused and disrespected while in the care of trusted hospital nurses.

Treating a baby like a rag doll to the tune of 50 Cent, “In Da Club”, and calling a baby “mini Satan” while flipping the bird, are what we know for sure took place in a Navy hospital, where white nurses should have been providing care to infants.

As disturbing as the situation is, what’s even more horrifying is the thought of what they may have done off camera. The fact is that, we hope the Snapchat images show the extent of the violation, but only the babies and the offending nurses really know.

Hospital staff are entrusted with our babies when they’re out of our site. Unfortunately, the title of person says nothing about their mindset. We have no idea what they think of us, or our children, or how those thoughts will impact the care they give.

These aggressive acts against newly born infants is just another reason for more of us to engage in home births. Aside from the many benefits of having a child in your own home, or even a birthing center, the aspect of protection is major.

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What’s guaranteed is that this isn’t the first or last incident of transgressions against Black children, and it’s not the only hospital or medical facility. We owe it ourselves and our children to find other ways, including a return to the age-old practice of our ancestors.

You and baby deserve to be mo better!

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