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Black Father Charged For Defending His Daughter From Her Ex BF Who Threatened To Kill Her

Prosecutors in Missouri charged a father and daughter on Wednesday with the assault of a high school student that left the victim in critical condition.

Josiah Wright, 39, faces a first-degree assault charge. His daughter, Jonay Wright, 17, faces a second-degree assault charge. The charges stem from an attack on Tuesday where the pair allegedly assaulted the girl’s ex-boyfriend inside Ruskin High School in Kansas City.

They two noticed Jonay’s ex-boyfriend seated in the room, the prosecutor said in a news release. They exited, but she claims to have received a threatening text message from the victim causing them to re-enter and confront him.

A witness told police they entered the room and heard Wright say, “You threatened to kill my daughter, I’ll f–k you up,” before the father stomped twice on the victim’s head.

Josiah Wright allegedly admitted to police that he pulled the victim off his chair so that his daughter could assault him. He also said he held people back who attempted to intervene so that his daughter could continue to fight, but denied kicking the victim himself.

Officers said when they saw him he had “severe abrasions to his right eye, swelling and bruising to his entire head and bleeding from his left ear”

A man should die over his woman. @louisfarrakhan

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I personally don’t see anything wrong with this, the guy threatened to KILL his daughter. We all have seen plenty of times young teenagers doing things like this, so the father may have felt the need to be proactive instead of reactive in this situation.

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