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Get Your Cuddle On!

Human touch is very important to an individual’s well being. Even just a quick hug can be good, but holding that embrace, or cuddling, can be even more beneficial. Premature, fragile infants in intensive care cuddle programs, gain more weight, have improved mental development, and are typically discharged earlier than babies who aren’t in the program.

Cuddling isn’t only for little ones It’s for everyone, of all ages, and it’s a great relationship enhancer that can help you and your partner in several ways.

Cuddling is a display of support and love that increase relationship satisfaction and endurance. Not only is it deeply intimate, it’s a show of companionship and trust, helping to bring both people closer, literally and figuratively.

If you tend to be stressed, or if you’re struggling with depression, cuddle sessions with your love can reduce the stress and serve as a means for you to comfort each other. Cuddling releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone involved in orgasm, parent-infant bonding, social interaction empathy, generosity, and also stress reduction and depression as it decreases cortisol production.

Those who experience issues with sleep, will appreciate the sleep -enhancing benefits of a good cuddle. The release of more Oxytocin and reduction of Cortisol can improve sleep. Not only will stress be reduced, but certain nutrients will be more available to you, especially magnesium. Magnesium becomes lowered when under stress. Having more of it available improves sleep and can even improve restless leg syndrome, which can interfere with sleep.

These are just some of the great effects of cuddling. Click here to find out about several more! Cuddling is easy and free, and great for both of you. Make it something you do for each other often. Healthy relationships are part of a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to be mo better!

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