Diabetic? Skip the Green Tea…

If you have DIABETES, coffee, chocolate/cacao, caffeinated soda & energy drinks, and even green tea, or and anything else that contains caffeine, should be avoided.

What is tea? Tea is a type of plant. While we may think of all warm/hot water infusions made with water and leaves or flower petals as tea, but if the leaves aren’t from the tea plant, then u it isn’t true tea. True includes all teas of the tea plant, such as green tea, black tea, oolong, white tea, and variations that include them like sencha, earl grey, and orange pekoe.

While green tea has been promoted as healthy, the caffeine can be a huge negative for those who tend to be stressed, mentally, physically, or otherwise. Diabetes is a stressor, and so are other ailments. When under stress, your body loses or excessively uses certain nutrients, includingvaluable magnesium. When you’re operating at such a deficit, you don’t want or need anything else to cause you to lose more of it.

Unfortunately, caffeine-containing foods and drinks, like chocolate, coffee, and green tea, cause increased dumping of magnesium through the kidneys. So, instead of the magnesium being available to you, it is being constantly introduced to your toilet, which has absolutely no need for the magnesium at all.

The loss or deficiency of magnesium can cause several problems for any person, including loss of sleep, nerve problems, and increased risk of heart disease, For a diabetic it can cause all of these issues, as well as increase insulin resistance, which is definitely no good.

There are a variety of other options, caffeine-free alternatives to tea, including rooibos, which is an extremely beneficial African herb, frequently consumed like tea. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

You deserve to be mo better!

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