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Gucci Mane Can’t Be Vegan and Wear Fur?

Recently, rapper Gucci Mane was attacked at a book signing at Barnes & Noble book store, In New York City. The attacker was apparently angry about the fact that Gucci Mane wears fur coats, but apparently has claimed to be vegan.

Obviously, the aggressive protester went overboard, but the issue is the label. These days, far too many people are improperly using the term “vegan”, a term that has always meant that foods or products from, or made using any part of animal, aren’t to be eaten, used, or worn.

Veganism is not just about eliminating animal food products from the diet. The correct term for this is “vegetarian”, however a lot of folks seem to now think that vegetarianism is what happens when you only cut out meat, but continue to consume dairy and eggs. This would actually be called “ovo-lacto vegetarianism”.

At the end of the day, true vegans don’t want anyone, regardless of their diet or lifestyle, to wear fur, but many vegans will become very agitated by folks wearing both fur AND the “vegan” label.

I’m not a proponent of a vegan lifestyle, but I understand the importance of knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

You deserve to be mo better!

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