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An All-Natural Fever Reducer For Your Child!

One of the biggest issues with many commonly used fever reducers is the negative effect they have on the immune system. You don’t want to weaken your system, or your child’s, in an effort to reduce a fever. You want to allow your body to use a fever to naturally deal with whatever is attacking it, while ensuring that the fever doesn’t get too out of control. This doesn’t require throwing a monkey wrench into the system, it just means you need to help tweak it a bit.

Try fenugreek instead for your little one’s fever (for yours too!). You can purchase fenugreek seeds at most health food stores, either loose or in tea bags. Suggested use is about 1 tsp per cup, let steep in boiled water, then strain through a mesh strainer to remove seeds (unless you purchased in tea bags, then of course just remove bags). Add a bit of honey (preferably raw honey) and lemon, and let the child drink it all up!

The effects can last about 3-4 hours. It may not get rid of the fever completely, you don’t likely need it to, since a fever can be helpful for whatever ails the child, but it will keep it low enough so that the child is not miserable.

This seed is perfectly fine for toddlers also. Fenugreek is often part of a tiny tot’s diet in India, especially in a meal they call methkkot bhhat, which is rice mixed with ground fenugreek seeds. However, because it is a seed, I don’t suggest it for regular use, only in case of an emergency/problem, or infrequently.

*Consuming Fenugreek can cause urine to smell like maple syrup. It’s nothing to worry about at all. Fenugreek doesn’t cause maple syrup disease.

If the fever is due to a viral infection, you can give your body tons more help with this. If the issue is bacterial, definitely do yourself a huge favor and try this

You deserve to be mo better!


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