Drink This As a Supplement Enhancer

Many are using herbs for all sorts of ailments, but also to prevent them. To think that some herbs/plants can make others even more effective, well that’s just icing on an already great cake! There are several herbs that can enhance others. One, pretty well-known herb is aloe vera.

Aloe vera juice helps to increase absorption of the various aspects of your herbs, teas, fruits, and veggies, helping you to get more of the great benefits!


There are several brands of aloe vera juice, and aloe vera gel. I don’t suggest buying products called aloe vera gel, unless there’s no other option. It’s full of fillers so you end up with less of the aloe vera benefits. Although the clear inner portion of aloe is called gel, aloe juice is just that… juice.

The brand in the photo is one of the best. Whatever brand you choose, it’s best to use one that clearly states ‘Inner Fillet’ on the bottle. You don’t want anything that says ‘whole leaf’. If you juice your own, be sure to filet it properly to avoid ingesting toxic aloin, which is the yellow goo between the green outer leaf and inner clear gel.

You deserve to be mo better!

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