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O.J. Simpson’s Release May Be Delayed

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O.J. Simpson is only a few days from becoming a free man after spending nearly a decade behind bars. Although his parole has been approved, and he is scheduled to be released on Monday morning, that early release may not happen as planned. 

Officials of the Nevada Department of Corrections state that if O.J.’s release point (which is 30 miles outside of Vegas) is swarmed by media, O.J. will not be set free. One prison official stated “We don’t want another Princess Diana situation”. They fear that the media and paparazzi will swarm and proceed to chase O.J., which could result in serious injury or death. They not only worry about O.J.’s safety but the safety of innocent bystanders as well.

Prison officials have been notified that media from all over the world will be waiting to see “the Juice” go free. Unfortunately, O.J.’s primary concern is his release and he feels that the media can’t be any worse than it was during his 1994 murder trial in which he was found ‘Not Guilty’.

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