A Better Fast Food Meal Deal

With all that fast food restaurants do to bring in business, most seem to be ignoring the growing numbers of health conscious people. The point of offering crazy deals like 4 for $4, a $2 chicken bites box, or a footlong for $5, is to bring in more customers. However, the average restaurant isn’t catering to the hungry person on-the-road who wants a cheap meal that includes a salad.

While it’s still fast food, and certainly not perfect, a value meal that includes a salad and a baked potato would be far better than the average current burger-joint options. Some get tired of subs, and would even prefer to avoid all of the bread.

Is it impossible for restaurants to offer such a deal? Not likely. Maybe they just need a wake-up call… or a few actual calls. In the meantime, restaurants like Chipoltle and Qdoba may cost more, and be seen less often, but they are 2 far better options and they always seem to have the more health conscious in mind.

You deserve to be mo better!

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