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The Man in the Mirror…

Let’s ask a question, how many people do we know right now who are living the life that they dreamed about living? I know if I could take a poll of the people around me, we all would have plenty of things about our lives that we would love to change. I’m sure if I took that same poll around the world everyone would agree. We all have things about our lives that we simply just don’t like and actually hate. It seems to always start with your job or career that you have. We either started on a career path for the wrong reasons and now feel stuck or we didn’t attain the education needed to be able to get the career or job that we really wanted, and in turn feel stuck. Of course, this goes for our relationships as well, rather they are with our children, spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. We don’t like the way things are going but for some reason we allow them to continue going they are and we end up living our entire lives miserable. So, why don’t we just fix it? Makes me think of that Michael Jackson song “The Man in the Mirror”, those that know me know I’m not a Mike fan (Please forgive me) but the song is spot on, the problem always lies with the man or woman in the mirror. That song starts off talking about changing and he said that this change starts with the man in the mirror; we need to follow Mike’s words.

The ability to change begins with the ability to honestly self-assess. What does mean? Give yourself an honest assessment. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What things are you doing well, and what things are you struggling with. What things could you spend more time doing and what things could you spend less time doing. Start with simple questions and allow your answers to lead you. When self-evaluation is taking place there must be complete honesty or it will not work. Often times we can’t even be real with ourselves. We will lie to ourselves about a situation and feel good about that lie in the moment. Then weeks later be right back in the same situation and wonder how we ended up there. Realistically evaluate your life and be honest about those things you wish to change and you will be on your way to changing your life. Try it I dare you!!!

One thing that must be remembered when beginning this journey of self-assessment it is important to remember that it really levels to this. Meaning that you cannot evaluate your life in comparison to that of someone else’s life, everyone is on a different level and you must remember that the level you are on is the one you are equipped to be on. Don’t try and cheat the levels, be more interested in the process and the learning that it brings rather than the reward. If not, and you do choose to focus on the reward, it will evade you every time because what you see as the reward may very well not be the reward and that thing you envision as a reward ends up working against you. Obstacles will no doubt come in all shapes and sizes, we all know this, but what determines how you approach the obstacles is all about perspective. If we are only looking for the reward, the obstacle will get in the way and possibly get us to quit, because we will no longer see the reward. Now if we understand the process, we will know that the obstacles are only there to teach a lesson that needs to be learned on the way to the reward. Even so, we must begin to view the lessons we learn along the way as the reward. Once you begin to see the process as being the most important part of the journey then, this is when you will begin to see the rewards begin to flourish.

Here’s a starting point…
• Assessment- see the problem, understand the problem
• Strategy- form a plan
• Take Action- be accountable for the plan you created don’t just talk about it, take action and MOVE!!!!!!!





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