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At Least 58 Dead And Over 400 Injured In Las Vegas Mass Shooting

58 people are confirmed dead and more than 400 have been taken to the hospital with wounds following a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

Fans were attending an outdoor country music concert near the Mandalay Bay Casino, when 64-year-old Nevada resident Stephen Pollock, took aim at those attending an outdoor country music festival from a hotel room.

At least 10 assault rifles were found in his room. Police believe he killed himself before they got to him.

Police are stating that they believed the shooter acted alone and has no ties to any terrorist groups. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County told press early Monday morning:

“We have no idea what his belief system was, “Right now, we believe he was the sole aggressor and the scene is static.”

I’m about to go a little bit left with this situation. When the story initially surfaced, the media immediately began to blame ISIS for the shooting. At that time, it was considered a terrorist attack. Now that the shooter was discovered to be a white man from Nevada with a hunting and fishing license, and a pilot license, the story was changed to a “gunman who committed a mass shooting”. It’s funny how people with darker skin pigmentation are considered terrorist and whites are simply considered gunmen who had something tragic that happened in their lives to make them snap.

We will keep you updated as further information becomes available.

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