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Candida Isn’t Just a Woman Problem, and You Can’t Starve it Away

Did you know that the biggest cancer risks come from toxins and nutrient deficiencies? Did you also know that some major causes of nutrient deficiencies are stress, bacterial dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity, and candida, most of which goes unchecked, especially candida fungal infection.

Candida isn’t all bad. It’s actually a yeast that is normal inhabitant of every person’s digestive system. However, it’s dimorphic, meaning it can change or morph into another form. This other form can come about through various reasons, including stress and I’m balance of friendly guy bacteria.

We think candida is all about vaginal ‘yeast’ infection, but it can be anywhere in the body of women and men (many of of whom often go undiagnosed for years). Men frequently succumb to this, in the form of thrush, and even chronic sinus pressure and headaches.

Another myth is that candida infections require abstaining from sugar, because candida supposedly only eats sugar. Well, actually, if you attempted to kill candida by refusing to eat what it likes to eat, then you would also need to stop eating anything with iron, zinc, coq10, etc…., you’d pretty much need to stop eating.

Candida eats up, or uses up, many of the nutrients that YOU need. It is one of many causes of stress response in the body, and it’s typically given evem more ability to grow out of control when we have gut bacteria imbalance and/or heavy metal toxicity.

To minimize potential problems, it’s a good idea to increase vegetable intake, and take probiotics. It’s also good to do a detox, followed by a candida cleanse.

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You deserve to be mo better!

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