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Mom Threatened With Jail Time For Not Vaccinating Her Child

A Metro Detroit area mother may go to jail if she doesn’t vaccinate her son. This mom, Rebecca Bredow, believes that parents should have the right to determine what is and isn’t approved for their own child.

While she’s exactly right, the problem is that the demand to vaccinate originated from her ex-husband. Although Rebecca is the primary care-taker, she and her ex share custody. He has just as much right to determine what takes place with their child as she does, and despite having initially agreed with her on minimizing vaccines, he has since changed his mind.

If you’re a parent who understands the many dangers of vaccines, then this story might concern and infuriate you, as it should. However, this can be a lesson for all. There are many parents who, whether together or separated, agree not to vaccinate their children, but a person can change their minds.

It behooves everyone to make sure that both parties understand the risks, having done research themselves. It might also be possible to avoid such issues, down the road, if some sort of legally binding agreement is drawn up and signed by both. Whether or not this is possible may depend on the home state, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

Our children deserve to be mo better!

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