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Watch How Trump Throw Supplies At The People of Puerto Rico

Donald Trump in Puerto Rico

After days of negative tweets, Donald Trump finally decides to visit Puerto Rico to survey the damage left by Hurricane Maria. His visit was to discuss progress being made towards recovery to the island but in true Trump fashion, he continued his tradition of weird statements and even weirder actions. 

Trump made it known that he did not think Hurricane Maria was a real catastrophe and repeatedly commented on the price tag of relief efforts to Puerto Rico. In addition to his ignorant comments, Trump was filmed at a staged photo-op throwing supplies at a crowd of Puerto Rican residents and posing for selfies like a celebrity in a parade.

In the short time that Trump was on the island (around 5 hours to be exact), he visited one of the wealthiest suburbs outside of San Juan to survey damages, not the poor neighborhoods that were hit the hardest. So we ask the question, why did he even go at all? He made it clear he didn’t care via twitter and his careless actions were displayed during his visit.

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