Saturated Fat Is Bad???

Why have heart disease rates gone sky high since the use of more alternatives? Companies that produced and/or sold soybeans, habe gained billions in revenues, while the public health has plummeted. Who stood to gain the most from vilifying saturated fats like butter and lard?

Saturated fat has blamed for several health issues, but especially heart disease. However, the information regarding this is very misleading. High amounts of unsatursted fats (especially polyunsaturated), like those in bottles labeled ‘vegetable oil’ (essentially soybean oil) are very unhealthy, and any amount of trans fats are the most unhealthy and destructive to the cardiovascular system.

Margarine, (something many inner-city households bought by the tub) was largely colored, flavored, hydrogenated soybean oil (i.e. trans polyunsaturated fats). The soybean oil was processed in a way that made it look and act like butter, as a cheaper alternative.

When the media and doctors are all vilifying a particular food product, it’s best to ask yourself if there’s an ulterior motive, and what they could gain from that information. When you ask the right questions, your answer might end up being in line with the information you were given, but it may very well not be. You’ll never know, if you don’t start with the question.

You deserve to be mo better!

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