Alkaline Body’s Aren’t Balanced

You may think that an alkaline body is what you want, but balance is best.


There is much talk on social media, at seminars, and in books, of having an alkaline body. Understanding the science of our bodies is very important, and much of the information out here is highly unscientific. Normal blood pH is about 7.4. Yes, technically that is slightly alkaline, but much closer to neutral, which is a 7 on the pH, or acid/alkaline balance.

Additionally, most who preach an alkaline diet don’t explain to listeners that the body has various pH levels in and on it. The skin must remain acidic, the stomach must be acidic to best absorb precious electrolytes or other important nutrients, the vagina must have an acid pH to best prevent yeast and bacterial infections, however this is rarely (if ever) discussed.

There have even been claims that NO DISEASE CAN EXIST IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT. This is highly unscientific and simply not true. There are many disease-causing bacteria and viruses that prefer or thrive just fine in an alkaline (aka ‘basic’) environment.

It has also been said that CANCER CANNOT EXIST IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT. This, as well, is untrue, and unscientific. As a matter of fact, it has been shown, scientifically, that cancer cells work hard to keep the cell interior alkaline. For this reason, any acids produced inside the cancer cells are pushed out into the blood stream, in order to maintain the preferred higher pH interior.

When cancer patients develop acidosis, it’s because of the cancer trying to remain alkaline. Medical treatment with bases/alkaline, like baking soda, are for the purpose of keeping the patient from the brink of death as the acids hinder normal bodily function. It does nothing to kill the cancer.

Most often, it’s also not explained to listeners or readers that the body tightly regulates pH. It constantly maintains the pH at about 7.3/7.4. Only in extreme cases does one actually suffer from acidosis or alkalosis, at which point the person is likely very near death, as these are life threatening situations.

There’s no need to attempt to alkalize yourself. That’s your body’s job. Your job is to give it the variety of nutrients that it needs for homeostasis.

You deserve to be mo better!

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