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NeNe Leakes Lashes Out At Heckler During Comedy Show: ‘I Hope Your Uber Driver Rapes Your Ass Tonight!’ [Video]

Nene Leakes wasn’t having it when a heckler during her show in Oakland, California decided to come for her on Saturday night.

Although the Queen of RHOA was targeted during her show, she took her response overboard, offending many at the show and beyond.

Nene told the heckler that she hoped she would be raped by an Uber driver. Yes… she hoped she would be raped by an Uber driver.

Everyone who knows me, who has followed me during by blogging career, knows that I am a HUGE fan of Nene Leakes. Unfortunately, as a victim of sexual abuse (rape), I was somewhat hurt by Nene and her comments. It also bothered me because Nene herself is a victim of abuse. What would make her find something like that funny?

Nene did take to Instagram to issue a full apology:

I am sorry

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Part of me believes that Nene was caught in the moment of trying to be “funny” and she may be sorry. Of course, comments like that can cause you to lose endorsements and deals. Hopefully her apology was genuine and she caught it before it was too late.


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