Things Are Crazy! Make Some Happy

For most people, these days, life is ridiculously stressful. It’s often difficult to get through the day with the multitude of things and stressors for the average person to deal with. It can be easy to forget, but in all of this your significant other is likely dealing with a lot of craziness also. 

In the U.S., where depression and suicide rates are high, it’s extremely important to have others who have our backs, and who can count on us to have theirs. A close friend is great, a committed lover is wonderful, but a marriage is a partnership in which two people have mutually agreed, contracted, to be there for each other. Married couples, who are truly devoted to upholding their end of the deal, are some of the luckiest people in that they have this other individual who has purposefully attached themselves, for better or for worse, for real. For someone who finds themselves stuck in the downward spiral that stress can lead to, this relationship will be even more important.

Depression often goes unnoticed, especially when people can’t pinpoint a situational cause for it. However, depression isn’t always caused by a situation or event. Chronic stress and anxiety are often precursors to depression. Depression, if left unchecked, can too easily lead a person to no longer want to experience life. If your spouse seems high strung, becomes easily agitated, begins to avoid going out, seems uninterested in things that they typically enjoyed, begins to snap at you frequently, seems angry or sad often, try not to simply emotionally react. Try to step back from the situation and examine it closely. You might need to step back in and provide support, comfort, and additional assistance. Your spouse might actually be depressed. 

Hold on to what you have You both have to be each other’s support. You have to cheer each other on and cheer each other up. You have to hold and comfort and reassure each other. And you have to try to make some happy together, against all odds. 

Healthy relationships are part of a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to be mo better!

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