Stop The Meat Hate!

This is one post, of what may be many more to come, about misinformation that is spread about eating meat.

So many celebrities are jumping on the meatless or vegan bandwagon. This article was inspired by a video made by Russell Simmons about veganism.

I’m all for people transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, but I am completely against wrong information being disseminated as fact. He stated that the average person has access to correct information, and he was right about that, but most people are following what’s sensational, or what sounds good, rather than what is correct.

There’s so much misinfo floating around about meat, that it would take me far too long to address it all at once, so this is about Simmons’ statements regarding carcinogens in meat.


Therefore, becoming vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you don’t eat carcinogens. If you cook foods at high heats, using oils, you eat carcinogens that can be equal to that found in meat cooked at high heat.

Many meat substitutes are cooked at high heats (especially those that are fried to mimic fried chicken or fried fish, but not limited to fried vegan foods). This is why many oils/fats have to be overly processed, thus having the majority of their nutrients removed, in order to make them suitable for cooking at high temps. So now, you’re eating unhealthy, highly processed, food to avoid eating other unhealthy food. Make sense?

Contrary to the claim made, eating meat does not automatically equate to having carcinogens equal to 20 cigarettes. This has to do with cooking method, because meat has fats/oils in it. Using HIGH HEAT to cook meat isn’t best. So get your slow cookers and pressure cookers out, and do more baking and boiling of meats (yes you can boil chicken and have it come out absolutely delicious and tender). Also, many can source naturally, organically raised meats and milk in their area from local farmers.

A thinking person asked Russell “what about meat from small organic farms that humanely raise animals and allow them to feed naturally”. He replied “they’re not AS BAD, but where you find less animal products, you find less cancer”.

His flawed statement suggests that CORRELATION EQUALS CAUSATION. It does NOT! Why might we find less cancer in those who don’t eat meat? Because those who don’t eat meat have made several other lifestyle changes along with the elimination of meat.

Those other changes include simply having vegetables and fruits be the majority of their diet, which has far more to do with lessening cancer risk than not eating meat. The Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Phenols etc in fruits and vegetables is what reduces cancer risk. Simply eating meat does NOT increase cancer risk, and simply removing it from diet doesn’t decrease overall cancer risk (proven by the vegans who developed cancer).

We are exposed to a myriad of unnatural, unhealthy chemicals via food (meat, fruits, vegetables) and water, drugs/chemicals, etc. The drugs/chemicals include prescription drugs, agriculture chemicals, etc. none of which Simmons mentions anything about about, but many of them harm the environment, the people, the animals, and the plants). Consuming a higher amount of fruits/vegetables helps fight effects of those chemicals on the body.

Most who stop eating meat also begin to seek out natural sources for healing and begin to reject pharma drugs more often. This is also a major part of the reason why they msy have lower cancer risk.

Definitely reduce/eliminate hot dogs, grilled foods, bacon, and other highly processed meats, and eat lots of fruits n veggies, but avoid the hype and hate over eating meat in general.

You deserve to be mo better!

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