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Nene Leakes Kicked Off Of The Xscape Tour For Wishing Rape On A Heckler

The ‘Xscape Tour’ is one of the most highly anticipated reunions/tours of the year! At first, reality star turned comedian, Nene Leakes, was part of the tour but things quickly changed. NeNe was originally brought on to host the tour, but after her inflammatory comments towards an attendee of one of her comedy shows went viral, NeNe got the boot.
During her standup set on stage in Oakland Saturday night, NeNe told a heckler,

“The uber driver, I hope he rape your ass tonight when he take you home.”

Xscape released a statement Thursday morning saying they were ‘dismayed’ by Nene’s comments, TMZ reports.

“This tour is for and about our fans and we want to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience for every single person who attends,” the group explained.

Although Nene apologized for her remarks, even mentioning herself as a woman who has suffered from domestic abuse, Xscape still wished her well as she “navigates this very difficult period.”

24 hours after be released from the tour, Nene took to Instagram to say

“What don’t break you, will make you stronger.”

Hopefully she gets stronger and learns that rape is nothing to joke about.


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