This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Brother Ben X is beginning to create a name for himself as a multi-talented up and coming young brother. From basketball, music, speaking and sharing vital information for the people, it is no question as to why he’s becoming well known in the social media realm. With over 82 MILLION views (140k subscribers) on facebook and 10 Million YouTube views(40k subscribers), he has a loyal following.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas he first discovered his passion for sharing knowledge of self and his thoughts on by witnessing a brother by the name of Bro. Malik Muhammad speak in his black studies class in college. Bro. Malik Muhammad later became his mentor and Brother Ben X began to study and eventually joined the Nation of Islam after studying the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Realizing the impact that social had on his life, he leveraged it to start his own video production business and used it as a tool to spread knowledge of self and messages to help his people become aware about what’s going on and information to help them in their lives. He got the name Brother Ben X after being known for basketball as “Benquan Petty” after joining the Nation of Islam where you get the last name “X” which stands for “unknown” because the slave name is no longer recognized.

Shortly after studying in the Nation of Islam he was inspired more to do for self and has been able thus far to do for self making videos online and doing video production.

In between posting information for the world on his facebook and YouTube Brother Ben X attends his weekly Waxahachie study group, reads, watch lecture to obtain knowledge and spends the rest of the time with his family.